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Raw Materials

Our raw materials are natural gas and filtered atmospheric air used for cooling and atomization of the diesel fuel for combustion during operation.


Our major raw material is natural gas.

Transcorp Ughelli Power gets supply of natural gas (predominantly methane, CH4) from Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) for Delta II & III at a gas pressure of 21 – 22bars and Nigeria Gas Company (NGC) for Delta IV at a gas pressure of 19 – 21bars, but both NPDC and NGC can complement each other in times of emergency through a tripartite gas line valve.


Compressed air combustion with natural gas and hydrogen to cool the generators

Atmospheric air is filtered and compressed. Most part of the clean air compressed is used for combustion; burning with the natural gas.

Hydrogen is used in cooling the heavy generators at Delta IV because of the enormous heat that the generator windings emit. Hydrogen cools ten times better than air, hence its preference for air despite its high inflammability. The hydrogen is generated locally, from the electrolysis of water.

Lubrication oil is used in the gas turbine for lubrication of the bearings and also as a form of heat extraction.

We are leading the way in energy generation for millions of people in Nigeria and West Africa​