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At Transcorp, we understand the importance of giving back to the community, impacting lives, and transforming the nation.


Auxiliary Facilities

The plant provides auxiliary facilities for staff working in the plant, these includes: a staff housing estate built within the plant and a rented estate in the adjoining Ughelli metropolis. The plant also includes a standard medical clinic to provide Medicare for staff and their family, in addition to specialist hospitals under retainership for referral purposes. For relaxation, a recreational club is situated in the plant for staff and their family. Lastly, a staff school comprising of a primary and secondary school is located at the staff estate to serve the educational demands of staff and the immediate community wards.


Africapitalism has the power to move all of Africa forward

We believe in Africapitalism. We are convinced that Africapitalism has the power to move all of Africa forward, and ultimately transform the lives of ordinary Africans. Africapitalism asks private sector businesses to make investment decisions that will increase economic and social wealth. In other words, the commercial activities led by these companies should create value for stakeholders and the economy, and foster development in the communities in which they operate. 

Africapitalism promotes the belief that businesses should aim to make profit responsibly, investing in sectors that have the greatest potential to create positive social transformation that enhances overall quality of life.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Africapitalism puts the private sector at the center of economic progress

Living this ideology, we are in partnership with the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) who delivers our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. The current CSR project is an Entrepreneurship Development programme (EDP) that identifies, trains, mentors and provides seed capital of up to $10,000 to 1,000 African entrepreneurs each year, for 10 years. It is currently in its third year, having 3,000 recipients so far.

Africapitalism puts the private sector at the center of economic progress, building full value chains that benefit the local economy and advance national development. It means the private sector working with governments and other stakeholders to build sustainable economies and contribute to the lasting development of the African continent.


Unlocking the power of individuals to create and grow their business ideas into successful companies.


Deploy patient capital that creates greater and broader economic value as opposed to merely resource extraction.


Invest in sectors such as agriculture that deliver financial return as well as broader economic and social value.


Conduct investments and business activity in a way that delivers returns to shareholders and stakeholders.


Leverage local inputs such as human and financial capital to create high value supply chains.


Facilitate intra-regional commerce through development of cross-border infrastructure and policy consistency.


Multi-generational development focuses on investments and economic growth scheme that build value for future generations.


Foster collaboration between concerned parties to create conditions that enable the African private sector.

We are leading the way in energy generation for millions of people in Nigeria and West Africa​